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My Love/Hate/Hate Relationship with Chardonnay

I’m pretty much open to tasting all sorts of wines. I like to keep an open wine (ha! ha!). Of course as with everything in life, you’re going to have your favorites and your least liked.

Chardonnay falls into that last category for me. For some reason, over the years I’ve just associated Chardonnay with middle-aged to very much older women – no offence ladies. It’s stale to me. When I see a bottle, I try to avoid it – move onto the next aisle, next topic of conversation. I also find that there is a predominent olive-y taste to most Chardonnay’s and they just don’t keep well after opened – no matter the price point. BUT – that’s just me.

I tend to go back and forth between whites and reds during various periods in my life. I really enjoyed red wine, but then I discovered I suffered from migraines and combining red wine with other factors caused me to get brutal and crippling headaches. I started leaning towards whites.

I was still a relatively young and a new wine taster – back when I was 25. With a very minimal wine repertoire, I started drinking the hell out of Chardonnay. I couldn’t get enough of it. Different vintages, prices points, countries, wineries, etc… I was synched onto the Chardonnay channel all. the. time. I thought I was clever, sophisticated and a social marvel for my diverse Chardonnay drinking. Yikes. You know, I was young. As with most things when you’re young, I grew tired and bored with Chardonnay – so we broke up.

That my friends is the moment I discovered what the white wine community had to offer me. I mean my eyes were really open. I was able to try, taste and really appreciate all the other white wines out there. I discovered that I enjoyed Rieslings, Pinot Grigios, Sauvignon Blanc – OMG I love Sauvignon blanc.

I guess this goes to show, that as with everything is life, you can stick to just one wine because you will be disapointed. You hav to branch out and try different wines and discover what they have to offer.

By doing this you will be your discovering your palate. What jumps out at you in terms of colours, aromas and taste – will be defined due to your broad exoeriene with tasting different wines. You’ll find it easier to taste different aspects of each wine – to pair the wine with your meals.

I in no way desire Chardonnay. I get a twinge in my stomach when someone brings me a bottle as a hostess gift. Seriously Chardonnay, it wasn’t you – it was me.



@barefootwine ‘s Shiraz

@barefootwine 's Shiraz

What are you guys drinking tonight? I’m trying out I’m trying @BareFootwine ‘s Shiraz for the first time. Keep an eye next week for my review.
(Don’t mind my very full kitchen island ;))
For my Montreal readers, with the snowstorm, stay safe tonight!
Cheers AND happy weekend!! ❤

Casual Friday


Happy Friday guys – enjoy the weekend!!



Wallaroo Trail (Red) yellow label 1l $11.72 (IGA)

I’m a firm believer that you have to try something first before knocking it.

In the province of Quebec you can purchase wine not only at your local alcohol commission, but also at the supermaket and convenience store. Most of the wines you’ll find there are blends of a bunch of barel bottoms. Technically if you like the wine once, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll like it the next time you have it.  Due to this, a lot of people scoff at the idea of purchasing wine at the supermarket or convenience store.

I, on the other hand, am always on the lookout for that hidden rare gem. Plus who doesn,t want to find a great wine at a great price?!

This brings me to my first post about a supermarket wine. Available at most major supermarkets in the province of Quebec, Wallaroo Trail Red (1 litre format) is another go-to wine for my family and I. Plus, it’s not only great in sangrias, but also on its own.

Wallaroo Trail

Wallaroo Trail (Red)

I enjoy Wallaroo Trail red because it’s consistent in taste and colour compared to most other ‘house wines’ you’ll find at the supermarket. I can only recall once when instead of having its dark red colour and bold flavouring – it was a diluted red and had a watery taste – but then, that can happen with expensive wines with ‘corking’.

I know, I know – you’re having trouble believing me. However, it is worth a try.

If Wallaroo Trail’s deep, dark, luscious red colour doesn’t get you – it’s taste most certainly will. Definitely swirl the wine, its aromas will certainly seduce you. Delicate and not overly aggressive its spicy/berry blend will get you immediately. Take another sip and truly let the flavours overtake your palate. It pairs well with a great steak or pasta.

So… are you converted?


@FuzionWines Zuccardi Mendoza (Argentina) 2012 Fuzion Shiraz/Malbec $9.70 (SAQ)

Fuzion is my friends’ M & PL’s AMAZING discovery. A few years back we were over at their place having supper. After having read a review about Fuzion through one of the city’s newspapers – an affordable quality wine (a myth, could it possible) – they picked a few bottles for our little get together. I can’t remember what we ate, but I do know the evening was a lively one and that’s when Fuzion became my staple red wine.

Fuzion proves yet again that pricing and wine quality are all relative.



For skeptics, you know your pretentions are going to knocked right out of you once you pour that first glass. It’s very seductive purple/red colour will entice you to take that first sip.

Your swirl will release a impressive aroma. Once you take that first sip, I know you will become a fan too. Its blend of Shiraz and Malbec grapes give this wine an unconventional edge. I enjoy pairing it with pretty much anything or on its own. If you have the time to spare, I do suggest you decant first for 30 minutes, it will give it a smoother finish.

Try it, I know you won’t regret it.


@yellowtail_aust (Eastern Autralia) 2012 Shiraz $13.70 (SAQ)

I was introduced to Yellow Tail’s Shiraz through my stepdaughter. A diehard lover of reds, this is her favorite and her staple.

I remember we travelled to Las Vegas a few years back. After a shopping trip to the Outlets we decided to visit Old Las Vegas. Walking through the laneway I was dying for a bottle of water. We popped into a combination souvenir/convenience store and what did we notice but a bevvy of wine’s lined-up,  all sitting pretty. Since we both really enjoy wine – a lot – this was a sight for sore eyes. Where it gets better, is the pricing – the bottles were nearly $5 less that at home in Montreal. For my stepdaughter who is Yellow Tail’s number one fan – once the realization hit that her favorite wine was less expensive, bottles started piling up in her arms and a great big smile appeared on her face. I remember when we got back to the room she called her, then, boyfriend immediately tell him about her amazing find. Thanks Las Vegas!!

It’s a wine that’s pricier than my usual choices, but well worth. It’s a wine that has a lot to offer all in a tight, neat, little package.  

Yellow Tail’s Shiraz

Yellow Tail’s Shiraz has a very attractive colour once poured into your glass.  A lovely shade that’s not too dark and thats shines a ruby red.

Swirling the wine immediately releases a lovely scent. However, I believe the real magic happens once you take that first sip –  the delicate vanilla adds a subtle je-ne-sais-quoi to the overall berry taste. I’ve also found that decanting the bottle at least 30 minutes prior really releases all the aromas the Shiraz has to offer. I prefer pairing it with red meat or even pasta, this wine will complement your meal.

Looking to change-up your staple red wine, the Yellow Tail Shiraz is most definitely a likely contender for your wine collection.


@ApothicWine Apothic Red California (blend) 2011 $16.50 (SAQ)

I was trying to find a great wine to celebrate my daughter-in-law’s 22 birthday. A great lover of reds, I set out on a mission to find a new wine that was above what we were used to drinking. After getting feedback from my colleagues at work and positive feedback from my Facebook friends, I opted to buy a bottle of Apothic Red.  

Apothic Red

 It’s imposing, yet moder bottle demands attention. I found it right away walking the aisle at the local alcohol commission.  Getting aquainted with my new friends, I perused it’s tag  and decided to purchase it. 

It’s colour is to-die-for. I have never seen a red wine with such a rich purple/red colour (and I’ve tasted A LOT of wines). It literrally took my breath away. Once I swirled it around the glass it was magical. The tag doesn’t lie when they say it’s an ‘intense’ wine. I was dying to take a sip… and that’s where it all went wrong. It’s a fruity red wine. I. don’t. like. fruity. red. wines. It was overbearing. I was so dissapointed.

NOW – that’s my personal taste. It was, however, a very complexe red wine, with many facets. It’s rich fruity aroma was delightful to my nose. As its name brings to mind Apothic, Apothecary – mixing the right balance.  I don’t believe my pairing with Tortellini did it any justice either. 

All that to say, I would try it again on its own…

My husband, stepson and daughter-in-law all loved it though. 


** UPDATE **

A second chance

A recent update my friends… When I had explained my experience with Apothic Red to my friends, family and colleagues – their jaws dropped and demanded that I taste it again. My circle is pretty accurate when it comes to rating wine. I pride myself on my wine savvy peeps.

I had a chance to taste Apothic Red once again. This time whilst on vacation in Cuba back in February with my family. Cuba’s great, but sometimes you need to pick up some bottles of wine at the Duty Free before taking off to paradise.

My stepdaughter is a die-hard fan of Apothic Red – a true fan. She insisted I try it again at one of our suppers at an à la carte restaurant – a French themed restaurant. I have to say that I was surprised. With a virgin palette Apothic came through. Everyone knows I love a deep, dark, ruby red wine and Apothic is that. I was able to swish the wine around and enjoy its gorgeous colour and savour the fruity aromas that were released. That first sip was surprising (once again) for a red wine. I just don’t associate sweetness to a red. However, on its own it was a quite pleasant experience. Once, I told my brain to shut up and just taste… it was an enjoyable time for my taste buds.

It was a still a little sweet for my preference, but overall a better experience that the first time around.

I can see how Apothic Red caters to a wide range of ages and palettes. It’s a well rounded wine that has something to offer to pretty much everyone. Way-to-go Apothic Red for your versatile red wine.