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Return to Saturday Night Wine Girl…

It has been a few months… years since I updated my blog.

Let me explain… So much happens in everyday life that you don’t necessarily have the time to update as often as you’d like. I would love to say I’ve been busy with something completely amazing, but that would be a lie. Life happened.

I didn’t realize exactly how many people read my blog. A lot of people in my entourage mentioned that they continued to read it, even though it had been a while since a new post had been put up. Such possitive feedback and reinforcement made me really it back and try to figure why I hadn’t taken the time to continue something that I had really enjoyed doing.

So, after much coercion from my friends and loved ones, here I am back and ready to write again.

I love writing my blog. I love sharing my non-snobby reviews of wine – a topic I really, really have a passion for. I love my readers and the fact that they are spread out all over the world.

The wine world can be such a pompous and arrogant one. I enjoy that I can cut through that and offer my readers something a little more laid-back and fun.

Wine is fun AND drinking wine is meant to be fun.

So many occasions start off by opening a bottle of wine. Be it around friends or family. From the time and dedication it takes choosing the bottle… bringing home the bottle, opening it, decanting it, pouring it into your glass and slowly being seduced by its colours. Savouring its smell and finally taking that first sip and falling in love. And then sharing stories and memories. A glass of wine is comforting and a little moment in my life where I get to be completely selfish with.

Let’s start again on this journey together. I look forward to introducing new contributors to the blog who share in my eclectic way of wine tasting. I also want to introduce my readers to new ways of wine making. There are so many techniques out there that go well and way beyond the standard aging in an oak barrel.



About Saturday Night Wine Girl

I'm a Freelance Writer based out of Montreal. I started Saturday Night Wine Girl as an alternative to snobby wine reviews. Everyone has the insight to discover what any glass of wine has to offer. Cheers!

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