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Wallaroo Trail (Red) yellow label 1l $11.72 (IGA)

I’m a firm believer that you have to try something first before knocking it.

In the province of Quebec you can purchase wine not only at your local alcohol commission, but also at the supermaket and convenience store. Most of the wines you’ll find there are blends of a bunch of barel bottoms. Technically if you like the wine once, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll like it the next time you have it.  Due to this, a lot of people scoff at the idea of purchasing wine at the supermarket or convenience store.

I, on the other hand, am always on the lookout for that hidden rare gem. Plus who doesn,t want to find a great wine at a great price?!

This brings me to my first post about a supermarket wine. Available at most major supermarkets in the province of Quebec, Wallaroo Trail Red (1 litre format) is another go-to wine for my family and I. Plus, it’s not only great in sangrias, but also on its own.

Wallaroo Trail

Wallaroo Trail (Red)

I enjoy Wallaroo Trail red because it’s consistent in taste and colour compared to most other ‘house wines’ you’ll find at the supermarket. I can only recall once when instead of having its dark red colour and bold flavouring – it was a diluted red and had a watery taste – but then, that can happen with expensive wines with ‘corking’.

I know, I know – you’re having trouble believing me. However, it is worth a try.

If Wallaroo Trail’s deep, dark, luscious red colour doesn’t get you – it’s taste most certainly will. Definitely swirl the wine, its aromas will certainly seduce you. Delicate and not overly aggressive its spicy/berry blend will get you immediately. Take another sip and truly let the flavours overtake your palate. It pairs well with a great steak or pasta.

So… are you converted?