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@TwoOceansWine Sauvignon Blanc 2012 (SAQ $12.65)

*** A Saturday Night Girl’s FAVORITE ***

Sorry readers… I’ve slacking off in the review section of this blog lately. Well, after a lengthy absence here we go…

I’ve been having one those lacklustre kinds of weeks. I needed something out-of-the-ordinary… something new. Obviously I went to my local Alcohol Commission and tried my hand at wine roulette.

I wanted a white. I hadn’t had any Sauvignon Blanc in a REALLY long time. That helped narrow things down quite well. Then it was trying to pick something not too costly, but that was going to pack a flavour/scent punch.

That’s when my eyes fell upon the Two Oceans bottle. This is a South African winery that I’ve had good results with in the past, but in terms of their reds. I picked up their 2012 bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.

I enjoy a white wine that is really chilled – ice cold, like my heart. Since I also have zero patience, I put the bottle in the freezer for an hour checking intermittently the temperature.

A light and pleasant surprise

A light and pleasant surprise

I was pleasantly surprised. The colour was pleasant, transparent with a subtle yellow to it. I swirled it around my glass and almost immediately it released a light, pleasant fruity aroma, nothing that would overpower. It was a preview to my tasting. I believe Two Oceans Sauvignon Blanc was to be a light pleasant and fruity surprise. I wasn’t wrong. Its taste was refreshing, the fruits a delicate and welcomed change to what I’ve been used to tasting lately, which has mostly been Australian, Argentinean and Chilean wines.

I can see how it could be paired quite well with poultry, pork and fish. Its taste and aroma are subtle and refreshing.

It’s renewed my love for Sauvignon Blanc. I look forward to trying Two Oceans’ Sauvignon Blanc again the near future and pairing it with a great dinner. I’ll be able to discover its hidden secrets all over again with food.

I’ve also discovered they bottle a Pinot Grigio – looking forward to tasting that one in the near future.

In terms of price vs. value, I would recommend trying the wine. It’s a great choice for someone who doesn’t like a busy or even aggressive wine.



@ApothicWine Apothic Red California (blend) 2011 $16.50 (SAQ)

I was trying to find a great wine to celebrate my daughter-in-law’s 22 birthday. A great lover of reds, I set out on a mission to find a new wine that was above what we were used to drinking. After getting feedback from my colleagues at work and positive feedback from my Facebook friends, I opted to buy a bottle of Apothic Red.  

Apothic Red

 It’s imposing, yet moder bottle demands attention. I found it right away walking the aisle at the local alcohol commission.  Getting aquainted with my new friends, I perused it’s tag  and decided to purchase it. 

It’s colour is to-die-for. I have never seen a red wine with such a rich purple/red colour (and I’ve tasted A LOT of wines). It literrally took my breath away. Once I swirled it around the glass it was magical. The tag doesn’t lie when they say it’s an ‘intense’ wine. I was dying to take a sip… and that’s where it all went wrong. It’s a fruity red wine. I. don’t. like. fruity. red. wines. It was overbearing. I was so dissapointed.

NOW – that’s my personal taste. It was, however, a very complexe red wine, with many facets. It’s rich fruity aroma was delightful to my nose. As its name brings to mind Apothic, Apothecary – mixing the right balance.  I don’t believe my pairing with Tortellini did it any justice either. 

All that to say, I would try it again on its own…

My husband, stepson and daughter-in-law all loved it though. 


** UPDATE **

A second chance

A recent update my friends… When I had explained my experience with Apothic Red to my friends, family and colleagues – their jaws dropped and demanded that I taste it again. My circle is pretty accurate when it comes to rating wine. I pride myself on my wine savvy peeps.

I had a chance to taste Apothic Red once again. This time whilst on vacation in Cuba back in February with my family. Cuba’s great, but sometimes you need to pick up some bottles of wine at the Duty Free before taking off to paradise.

My stepdaughter is a die-hard fan of Apothic Red – a true fan. She insisted I try it again at one of our suppers at an à la carte restaurant – a French themed restaurant. I have to say that I was surprised. With a virgin palette Apothic came through. Everyone knows I love a deep, dark, ruby red wine and Apothic is that. I was able to swish the wine around and enjoy its gorgeous colour and savour the fruity aromas that were released. That first sip was surprising (once again) for a red wine. I just don’t associate sweetness to a red. However, on its own it was a quite pleasant experience. Once, I told my brain to shut up and just taste… it was an enjoyable time for my taste buds.

It was a still a little sweet for my preference, but overall a better experience that the first time around.

I can see how Apothic Red caters to a wide range of ages and palettes. It’s a well rounded wine that has something to offer to pretty much everyone. Way-to-go Apothic Red for your versatile red wine.