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@TwoOceansWine Sauvignon Blanc 2012 (SAQ $12.65)

*** A Saturday Night Girl’s FAVORITE ***

Sorry readers… I’ve slacking off in the review section of this blog lately. Well, after a lengthy absence here we go…

I’ve been having one those lacklustre kinds of weeks. I needed something out-of-the-ordinary… something new. Obviously I went to my local Alcohol Commission and tried my hand at wine roulette.

I wanted a white. I hadn’t had any Sauvignon Blanc in a REALLY long time. That helped narrow things down quite well. Then it was trying to pick something not too costly, but that was going to pack a flavour/scent punch.

That’s when my eyes fell upon the Two Oceans bottle. This is a South African winery that I’ve had good results with in the past, but in terms of their reds. I picked up their 2012 bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.

I enjoy a white wine that is really chilled – ice cold, like my heart. Since I also have zero patience, I put the bottle in the freezer for an hour checking intermittently the temperature.

A light and pleasant surprise

A light and pleasant surprise

I was pleasantly surprised. The colour was pleasant, transparent with a subtle yellow to it. I swirled it around my glass and almost immediately it released a light, pleasant fruity aroma, nothing that would overpower. It was a preview to my tasting. I believe Two Oceans Sauvignon Blanc was to be a light pleasant and fruity surprise. I wasn’t wrong. Its taste was refreshing, the fruits a delicate and welcomed change to what I’ve been used to tasting lately, which has mostly been Australian, Argentinean and Chilean wines.

I can see how it could be paired quite well with poultry, pork and fish. Its taste and aroma are subtle and refreshing.

It’s renewed my love for Sauvignon Blanc. I look forward to trying Two Oceans’ Sauvignon Blanc again the near future and pairing it with a great dinner. I’ll be able to discover its hidden secrets all over again with food.

I’ve also discovered they bottle a Pinot Grigio – looking forward to tasting that one in the near future.

In terms of price vs. value, I would recommend trying the wine. It’s a great choice for someone who doesn’t like a busy or even aggressive wine.



My Love/Hate/Hate Relationship with Chardonnay

I’m pretty much open to tasting all sorts of wines. I like to keep an open wine (ha! ha!). Of course as with everything in life, you’re going to have your favorites and your least liked.

Chardonnay falls into that last category for me. For some reason, over the years I’ve just associated Chardonnay with middle-aged to very much older women – no offence ladies. It’s stale to me. When I see a bottle, I try to avoid it – move onto the next aisle, next topic of conversation. I also find that there is a predominent olive-y taste to most Chardonnay’s and they just don’t keep well after opened – no matter the price point. BUT – that’s just me.

I tend to go back and forth between whites and reds during various periods in my life. I really enjoyed red wine, but then I discovered I suffered from migraines and combining red wine with other factors caused me to get brutal and crippling headaches. I started leaning towards whites.

I was still a relatively young and a new wine taster – back when I was 25. With a very minimal wine repertoire, I started drinking the hell out of Chardonnay. I couldn’t get enough of it. Different vintages, prices points, countries, wineries, etc… I was synched onto the Chardonnay channel all. the. time. I thought I was clever, sophisticated and a social marvel for my diverse Chardonnay drinking. Yikes. You know, I was young. As with most things when you’re young, I grew tired and bored with Chardonnay – so we broke up.

That my friends is the moment I discovered what the white wine community had to offer me. I mean my eyes were really open. I was able to try, taste and really appreciate all the other white wines out there. I discovered that I enjoyed Rieslings, Pinot Grigios, Sauvignon Blanc – OMG I love Sauvignon blanc.

I guess this goes to show, that as with everything is life, you can stick to just one wine because you will be disapointed. You hav to branch out and try different wines and discover what they have to offer.

By doing this you will be your discovering your palate. What jumps out at you in terms of colours, aromas and taste – will be defined due to your broad exoeriene with tasting different wines. You’ll find it easier to taste different aspects of each wine – to pair the wine with your meals.

I in no way desire Chardonnay. I get a twinge in my stomach when someone brings me a bottle as a hostess gift. Seriously Chardonnay, it wasn’t you – it was me.