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Who is Saturday Night Wine Girl?

Unless you’re a Sommelier trying to sample wines might be a bit daunting. 

I’ve been a Freelance Writer ever since I earned my degree back in 2005. I attended my first weekend junket a month after graduating JSchool. It was a weekend of being wined and dined at Hotel Resort in Quebec City. I was surrounded by so many intimidating people, including the then Editor of Elle Quebec.

I was being a star of ‘faking it until you make it’ until we sat down for supper the Saturday night and we were served a seven course gourmet meal with a new wine pairing for every plate. There I was a doe eyed 22 years old and having to taste different wines. All the other guests were well in their 40s and 50s, and had obviously done this before. I sat, watched and mimicked what they did.

I didn’t understand – either wine was good or it was bad. I never really took the time to really think about what different flavours would emerge if one were to pair a certain wine with different foods or spices, or if drank alone.  

As soon as I got home that weekend I enlisted my mother and we signed up for an Introduction to Wine Tasting course at our local Cultural Center. The rest my friends is history.

I enjoy wine and a good laugh... & not taking myself too seriously.

I enjoy wine and a good laugh… & not taking myself too seriously.

Without being a pompous ass or a pretentious jerk, you can simply enjoy the wonderful colours, different aromas and flavours every wine has to offer. It’s my goal to help you discover the good and avoid the bad. However, wine tasting is so subjective – what I think or taste might completely out there compared to someone else’s palate.

Let’s make wine tasting fun! Grab the girls and a bottle and let’s cheers to Saturday Wine Night!


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